Douce Playsence - Ensemble Arborescence

Temple de St-Gervais (Genève, Suisse)

May 21, 2022


Lugentium siccentur oculi,
plaudant senes, exultent parvuli,
umbre mortis quoniam regio
quos tenuit, splendoris visio

(Philippe de Vitry)

"Let the eyes of the afflicted dry let the old men applaud, let the children exult since, on those who were held back by the shadow of death a splendid vision has arisen."

The culmination of the research project "Chanter les Motets de Philippe de Vitry" (CMPV), the creation of the ensemble Arborescence constitutes the point of convergence of the paths travelled: [interpretation of polyphonic music between Ars antiqua and Ars Nova]( page=17), encoding and diplomatic and critical editions of the manuscripts of the Corpus Motetorum Philippo de Vitry, practical application of the science of singing (notation, solmisation, counterpoint, ornamentation, improvisation, composition), encounters between poems and music, experiments on the pronunciation of texts, and a space for reflection on concerts between past and present music.

The ensemble Arborescence is made up of singers met over the years in training centres such as the early music departments of the HEM in Geneva and the CNSMD in Lyon, as well as during professional training courses at the Fondation Royaumont.

singing: Marthe Davost
Maud Haering
Eugénie de Mey
Lionel Desmeules
Benjamin Ingrao
Mauricio Montufar

Management: David Chappuis
Olivier Bettens

Contact : moc.liamg [ta] gnireah.duam
Photo credit: Béatrice Cruveiller
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