Trois Anneaux et autres nouvelles décaméronesques - Ensemble Oneïroi

Beaumont sur Oise, France

February 29, 2024


A show that takes you far and wide

We are in the Middle Ages and we sail in the heart of the Mediterranean basin, between the West and the East. Three stories are told to the sounds of the fiddle, flutes, oud, chitarrino, lute and powerful ancestral songs. In each of these stories, there is a remarkable woman, twists and turns and... a ring!

Sara Maria Fantini : lute, chitarrino, oud Maud Haering: singing (soprano) Valentine Lorentz : fiddle, flutes Sylvie Mombo : Storytelling

Outside view: Sophie Pavillard

Production: Onéroi/Le Phare/L'Abbaye de Royaumont

With the precious support of the Tchekchouka collective and the MJC - Teatre des 3 Vallées in Palaiseau

Contact : moc.liamg [ta] gnireah.duam
Photo credit: Béatrice Cruveiller
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