Trois Anneaux et autres nouvelles décaméronesques

Atelier Alain Meyer (Lorry-lez-Metz)

April 13, 2023


We are in the Middle Ages and we sail in the heart of the Mediterranean basin, between the West and the East. Three stories are told to the sounds of the fiddle, flutes, oud, chitarrino, lute and powerful ancestral songs. In each of these stories, there is a remarkable woman, twists and turns and... a ring! Our anchor point is the small island of Lipari, just off the coast of Sicily. It was there that Gostanza and Martuccio fell in love. It is there that they will have to part... and live adventures that will lead them to meet sultans, merchants, pirates, noble ladies, gentlemen and rascals!

Valentine Lorentz, Sara Maria Fantini, Maud Haering and Sylvie Mombo were largely inspired by Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375) and his Decameron. The work tells the story of how ten young people try to survive the plague that struck the city of Florence in 1348 by telling stories and playing music. What better way than art to open a breach in time, to suspend the greatest of perils and to find ourselves TOGETHER to enjoy a common experience?

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