Chiama il bel Pappagallo - Sfumature di Ars Nova Italiana

Spello (Italie)

August 29, 2021


A concert conducted by Patrizia Bovi (Micrologus Ensemble) after a week-long academy at the Centro Studi Europeo di Musica Medievale Adolfo Broegg in Spello (Umbria).

A colourful musical walk through the madrigale, ballata, caccia and saltarello of the Trecento, which will introduce the audience to the richness and diversity of this 14th century Italian repertoire. Polyphonies for 2 or 3 voices as well as monodies will take you back to a time when the text and its symbolism were highlighted by different musical processes and a very clear sung declamation in these pieces.

With :

Annabelle Daguise, Marthe Davost, Maud Haering and Orelle Pralus : soprano
Benjamin Ingrao and Mauricio Montufar : tenor
Ryszard Lubieniecki : organetto
Sara Maria Fantini : medieval lute and guiterne
Valentine Lorentz : viola a arco

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