Santa Maria - Alfonso X, troubadour of the Virgin - Songs to the Virgin in 13th century Spain


September 3, 2021


This concert focuses on the cantigas de Santa Maria, Galaic-Portuguese songs recounting legends and miracles of the Virgin, collected by King Alfonso X, known as 'el Sabio' (the wise one), a great protector of the arts and sciences, who welcomed the most eminent personalities of the three cultures of the Book. Discantus has selected seven of these cantigas and set them against songs to the Virgin - in the langue d'oc - by the troubadours Guiraut Riquier and Folquet de Lunel (who were present at Alfonso's court for a long time), as well as Marian antiphons (Gregorian chant) and polyphonies, particularly from the manuscript of the Cistercian nuns of the Las Huelgas monastery. The concert thus offers an approach to the sound universe of a court in the Iberian Peninsula in the 13th century, and its feminine side at the time of the rise of the cult to Mary.

With the Discantus ensemble, directed by Brigitte Lesne, as part of the Voix et Route Romane festival in Alsace.

With the Discantus ensemble, directed by Brigitte Lesne. More information here and here.

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