Stage découverte de la musique de Hildegard von Bingen 1/3

Corbeil-Essonnes, France

February 4, 2023


These three two-day singing sessions based on 7 pieces by Hildegard von Bingen are intended for singers of a good amateur (or semi-professional) level who enjoy singing a capella and are already familiar with Gregorian chant. Hildegard von Bingen are aimed at singers of a good amateur (or semi-professional) level, who like to sing a capella and are already initiated into Gregorian chant, and who are curious to discover the music of the abbess of Bingen as well as ancient notation and manuscript reading.

In addition to the 3 sessions, personal work as well as attendance at at least 2 sessions will be welcome in order to complete the public performance on 17 September.

sessions 2023 :

4-5 February 13-14 May 16-17 September

more practical information here :

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